Our vision is to promote culture and heritage to bring the community together as one and as both a right in itself and a resource. Anne Shine works with civil society and institutions at all levels to strengthen peace-building, sustainable socio-economic and democratic development and the realisation of human rights.

The basic need for communities to perceive, protect, enhance and create beauty and harmony in their surroundings is celebrated, as well as the role of cultural heritage in their delivery

Civil society, in partnership with diverse communities and individuals, has an established role in identifying and negotiating the place of heritage in times of social, economic and environmental change;

Empowering communities through historical preservation.

To realise our mission and vision, Anne Shine Support must be embedded in all aspects of  lives. We call on central and local governments, agencies, professional bodies and institutions, charity organizations, developers and the public to:

• Put Anne Shine Support at the centre of decision-making about our society, communities and the environment, and fully integrate it into governance;

• Demonstrate how Anne Shine Support contributes to major local and national thematic priorities;

• Ensure plans and economic investments are ‘Anne Shine Support  proofed’ and that Anne Shine Support  is a dimension of all policy areas such as education, community development, healthcare, agriculture, creative arts and culture;

• Integrate Anne Shine Support  into development practices, in order to promote inclusive and equitable, sustainable development, that generates employment, stimulates localism, and fosters entrepreneurship;

• Analyse how Anne Shine Support  can contribute to the quality of life, and strengthen the resilience of communities and societies;

• Promote place-based planning that acknowledges the way cultural heritage relates to beauty in towns, the countryside and all places between, which are vital to the ethos of local communities;

• Support sustainable, ethical cultural tourism;

• Give Anne Shine Support  as high a profile as the natural environment, to which it is so inextricably linked;

• Acknowledge the way traditional knowledge and practices contribute to a sustainable environment;

• Protect and enhance cultural assets, including processes that may have an impact on, or constitute, crucial, non-renewable social capital. 


Our mission is to promote the art and culture of diverse ethnic groups in the UK. We work in close collaboration with other organisations that deal with arts, culture and skills acquisition programmes.



We believe in training individuals who have severely encountered hardship in order to acquire soft skills to make our society a happy place to live in. This we achieve through our seminars, workshops as well as schools and library visits.


It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to make sure our seminars and workshops reach out to as many communities as it. They ensure the young and old have access to our free training.