International Women's day, Hounslow Council, March 2015

Mothers Day 2016 Workshop in the Treaty Centre,Hounslow.

Anne Shine’s International Youth Festival
Anne Shine’s International Youth Festival is a multicultural event that will bring together the community and multicultural entertainers from all around the world in Hounslow.
Anne Shine’s International Youth Festival Event' aims to bring together the community with a variety of displays celebrating a vast range of cultures.  It aims to engage communities together in the hope of spreading the message of tolerance and social cohesion. Through the medium of music and various forms of entertainment, the festival will act as a platform to promote diversity and encourage social cohesion.The festival will have a variety of food and entertainment some of which include; musical performances & dancing. The event will also provide an opportunity for the youth and members of the local community a chance to enjoy themselves and socialise in a supportive and positive environment. 

All Saints Church event 3th Sept 2016

                 Who is your neighbour?

Creative Peoples and Places event, Feltham Library: Feb. 2016

​Nigeria Independence day celebration 8th Oct

Easter Party Celebration, Hounslow, March, 2016


​Unity In Diversity Event 18th Feb 2017

Age UK, Hounslow 2015

Multi Cultural Day Festival, 2013, Hounslow Treaty Centre